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Recent Articles on Economics

NPR and their tortured relationship to truth about Trump (By: Frank Yunker) October 19, 2017

No doubt President Trump will someday tweet his displeasure with National Public Radio and he will suggest it should be defunded. Before anyone responds with a call for impeachment or a presidential mental health test, let's examine ...

Imagine... we never sing that song again (By: Frank Yunker) October 05, 2017

The song "Imagine" by John Lennon is a beautifully, soothing piece of music that should be played whenever the need arises, but the song should never be sung. Why not? Imagine... that you think about the lyrics.

"Imagine ...

What will replace employer-based Health Care? (By: Frank Yunker) September 28, 2017

A recent Wall Street Journal article explained that employer based health care plans covered 53% of the country, down from 61% in 2012. Obamacare is single-handedly destroying the employer-based market. So, when Obamacare fully ...

Minimum Wage Laws and Technological Innovations (By: Frank Yunker) September 21, 2017

Minimum wage laws are having direct impact on fast food restaurants. Now we have kiosks to order our food. Or maybe there's an App to place your order. Technology pushes out jobs and minimum wage laws push technology in. Let's ...

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