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2018-01-17Pretty little blackandgray roses (not my design, artist unknown atm) to accent her collarbones, firsttattoo, ta… LeftyLucille
2018-01-17Grab it, take hold, and come home to this and more in a church near you. peace love church schenectady... deacon_jim
2018-01-17Snowy owls make "nests of dead lemmings" in a good year. Not many lemmings in Schenectady, though. This was only th… gazettesteve
2018-01-17 Police seek help in Schenectady hit-and-run. Mrs_GrahamK
2018-01-18Plotting our 2018 moves with these fine Adirondack calendars from Schenectady finest Benchemark Printing! upsidetweets
2018-01-18Ya Ya’s House Southern Cuisine is on track to begin serving its brand of Southern comfort food in its new… dgazette
2018-01-17Haven't tweeted in months. Just wanna say the fact that didn't include Schenectady's Memphis King in t… DanFitzsimmons
2018-01-17Check out Merchandiser in (Schenectady, NY) job PrimesourceJobs
2018-01-17We look at coworking in schenectady while tackling some magic and localmusic on thespot518… TheSpot518
2018-01-17. of dgazette
2018-01-17Bryan Fish has drawn a nine-year term for lying about a 2013 fatal Schenectady fire: dgazette
2018-01-17The Great Nor’easter Winter Beer Fest is coming to the Renaissance Hall in Schenectady on Feb. 10:… dgazette
2018-01-17 The Great Nor’easter Winter Beer Fest is coming to the Renaissance Hall in Schenectady on Feb. 10: Discover_Schdy
2018-01-17We are looking forward to hosting another AARP Defensive Driving Course this Saturday! Didn’t get a chance to sign… SchafferHeights
2018-01-17As of 6am - more than 270 schoolclosings and delays. The most in Albany Rensselaer Saratoga and Schenectady c… MelissaLeeOnTV
2018-01-177:31am: just over 350 schoolclosings delays. The most in Albany Rensselaer Saratoga Schenectady counties. MelissaLeeOnTV
2018-01-16An edible masterpiece, really... 😋 Tropics Schenectady NY YUM Salmon Mango Foodie Tropics_Bar_NY
2018-01-16Dougie Hart of Schenectady takes a shot toward the 14th hole while playing disc golf Tuesday in Schenectady's… dgazette
2018-01-16Defense seeks 2 years for man who lied about deadly Hulett Street fire in Schenectady. dgazette
2018-01-17Schenectady man admits to selling crack cocaine in federal case. dgazette
2018-01-17 Neat siting of snowyowl right outside apartment at river's edge in schenectady. twoisacharm1
2018-01-17Schenectady fentanyl case moves to federal court. dgazette
2018-01-17Council panel OKs union contract that covers 126 city workers in Schenectady. dgazette
2018-01-16New Veteran Job: Offset Journeyman Pressman DailyGazette Schenectady NewYork ccveteransjobs
2018-01-16New Manufacturing Job: Offset Journeyman Pressman DailyGazette Schenectady NewYork ccastmfgjobs
2018-01-16New Job: Offset Journeyman Pressman DailyGazette Schenectady NewYork careercast_jobs
2018-01-16New Job: Maintenance OmniDevelopment Schenectady NewYork Maintenance Full time with Excellent careercast_jobs
2018-01-16New Veteran Job: Maintenance OmniDevelopment Schenectady NewYork Maintenance Full time with ccveteransjobs
2018-01-16Op.. unioncity bayonne fall njtransit hobokenlife lifestyle oodt happiness downtown schenectady theatre… Daniel16733606
2018-01-16 The flood warning in Schenectady has been extended until Wednesday: Indijnash
2018-01-16 Welcome back all students for Spring Semester 2018! Good luck in your courses! SUNY Schenectady zacharydmatson
2018-01-16SUNY Schenectady first day of Spring Semester 2018 students return to class! SUNYSCCCNEWS
2018-01-16Schenectady police lieutenant pleads not guilty to criminal contempt charge. dgazette
2018-01-16Megan Alexandre is due back in court Thursday at 4 p.m. She was remanded to the Schenectady County Jail on $10,000… MelissaLeeOnTV
2018-01-16We're hiring! Read about our latest job opening here: Primary Care Nurse Practitioner - Locum Tenens -… tmj_nya_nursing
2018-01-15New Property Available! 1913 Lenox Road, Schenectady, NY 12308 $109,900 51866HOUSE
2018-01-15Definitely not easy, but so worth it. livelikeJesus schenectady hnjschenectady deacon_jim
2018-01-16126 Schenectady employees would see 2 percent raise if contract gets city's OK. dgazette
2018-01-16Broken hearted that my sweet boy Alexander is spending another night lost, especially with an incoming snow storm.… museumuse
2018-01-15 Pics of the icejam taken from the schenectady stockade tonight. The river is +10' higher than normal. Jbender318
2018-01-15What is that in the SKY? A bird, A plane....No it is the SUN! Yes, we are open today! Come on in and see us and hav… wethepeopalbany
2018-01-15Schenectady church is blending old with new for a major renovation project church leaders will help better connec… leighhornbeck
2018-01-15Schenectady man who tried to set wife on fire sentenced. dgazette
2018-01-15Really excited for this event. Come out on 1/28 for tours of and WHBC as well as samplings of aweso… WolfHollowBrews
2018-01-15Please come and join us. spaghetti dinner schenectady deacon_jim
2018-01-153 people — 2 Schenectady men and an Amsterdam man — charged after gun found during traffic stop.… dgazette
2018-01-15Class A CDL Delivery Driver Trainee - Schenectady , NY (GetDelDriveJobs
2018-01-15Handles are good: JohnCraigWNYT
2018-01-15Back in the stockade Schenectady this morning. What a difference a weekend makes. icejam frozen coldweather Fi… JohnCraigWNYT
2018-01-15 Handles are good: danbazile


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